About Us


Jewelry has been an adornment for women since ages. Every woman desires to enhance her look and beauty by wearing different types of jewels. Swapn caters to all such needs by offering an exhaustive range of jewelry. Born out of the dream of our founder, Swapn means ‘Dream’ in Sanskrit.

Our extensive collection spans elegant jewels cascading with blazing shine and distinctive allure. A home grown brand, we guide you to the perfect jewel to craft your unique story and create a distinct expression.

Our handcrafted imitation jewelry is exquisitely concocted with the perfect blend of perfection and quality. These delicate and exquisite jewels are beautifully crafted for every age group in vibrant colours. We aim to enhance the beauty of all Swapn women by curating jewels from different corners of the world.

Coming with a brand of her own had always been something very close to the heart of our founder, Ms. Aanchal. This is what has resulted in the inception of Swapn.

We would love to hear your thoughts and see your pictures with your new purchase by using the hashtag #swapnbyaanchal on social media.